When we started our business in 2010 we charged $1 per walk. We also decided to make a rate card and call it buck a walk (our rate per walk was a dollar). But then we came up with a much cooler name: Buk-A-Wok. That way our clients will know it’s a buk a wok.

Hi, our names are Huck & Max. We are 13-year old twins in middle school. We live in Grant Park, Atlanta, Georgia with our family.  We used to have a dog who was the cutest American Eskimo ever.  She went to doggy heaven last summer, though, and we miss her more than anything else :(

Our Dog, Ski. 2007-2016

Since we love dogs so much, we decided to start a dog walking business. We get to hang with dogs every day! On top of that it’s a business so we can make some money.

Our hobbies are unicycling, baseball, video games, hanging with friends, Instagram, Snapchat, and music.  Money helps us do these things. For example, with his money Max has bought a unicycle. We have bought our iPhones. Max is saving for a new iPhone. Read more about Max.  Huck is saving for a trampoline. Read more about Huck. We are both saving money for our 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. this spring.

Our clients count on us (Bukawok) to take care of their dogs, and if they are away, they also trust us with chickens, mail, trash/recycle, and of course feeding, walking, and loving their dogs. We have good rates, good communication, and we are reliable.

A couple of our clients include: two dogs whose owner found out about us on our website. She has two happy dogs that we walk all over Grant Park. Another client is a small Shih Tzu. He lives next door to us and is a very cute, energetic dog with only one working eye.

If you need help with dogs or chores, just email us:

Max – Tmaxfinch6@gmail.com

Huck – huckfinch@gmail.com

Laura & Duncan (Bukawok’s parents) – lauramaggosfinch@gmail.com