Do you know dog poop facts?
Max and our Shih Tzu friend
Hey, this is Max.  I’m going to be sharing with you a fun business experience on this blog that you are looking at right now. You probably don’t know dogs poop north which is just a really cool fact. I’m not quite sure why this happens but it does. I did it a few times with our dog ski and it’s mostly accurate they’re facing pretty close to North.  It  happens seven out of ten times.  She faces north, and poop south.

We have a new client – a really cute Shih Tzu.  she’s a nice puppy I think one of her eyes is blind but she’s really sweet and loving.

another update is that we care for quail and we care for birds so if you need Us to take care of your birds, we can do that. we can do almost any job! So that’s pretty much our update we want to do an update like every month or so and next time you ever happen to walk a dog then see if it poops north because we heard it on the radio so you should really try it next time you’re on a dog walk wich might not be soon because we’ll be walking your dog!have a great day or week. We can do any work! if you need us call us!Email us! It’s a buk- a – wok!